Personalized Temperature Bottle for Wife to Be | Wife to Be | For Wedding Season

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Personalized Temperature Bottle For  Wife to Be - Hot & Cold Temperature Bottle For  Wife to Be

You can now get your own personalized and customized name bottle! Just click on the text box, enter your name, and click on the preview button to see how the bottle will look with your name on it.

This is a high-quality, imported hot and cold vacuum flask with a hi-tech cap that displays the temperature of the liquid inside by just tapping on it. This keeps your beverage hot for 6 hours and cold for up to 8 hours. With Jucy's personalization service, you can now engrave your name and other details on the bottle. We use high-quality precision laser marking machines to permanently etch your name on the bottle.

Ideal premium customized gift for doctors!

Key Features :

  • Material: 100% Stainless Steel - Vacuum Flask
  • Light Weight - easy to carry around!
  • Capacity: 500ML
  • Comes with a digital display on the cap. Just tap the lid to know the temperature of the beverage inside.
  • Ideal for carrying hot tea, coffee, cold water, juice, etc
  • Permanent High-Quality Personalised Engraving

Personalized gifts are the best ones. It goes on to show the effort and thought you have put behind the gift, and it is something that will always be used by the recipient.