Gifting Redefined!

At JucyCart, we understand that a gift is something more than a mere object. It is ingrained with personal emotions, special thoughts and of course lots of love. This is the reason why we at JucyCart work hard to create top picks for you that make perfect gifts. They are crafted with perfection, warmth and care that is sure to catch the eye, capture the heart and captivate the memories.

Also, JucyCart is more than just a one-stop shop for gifting. It is a unique online platform consisting of exclusive personalized gift options and special opportunities for designers and personalized gift product sellers, making it a powerful ecosystem where community meets commerce. 

Who We Are

JucyCart is the brainchild of Mayank Vora, Nirav Gosalia, Harish Patel and Vishal Gosalia, who are passionate serial entrepreneurs, transforming different business verticals in India. The rich experience as technocrats, marketers and manufacturers of quality gifting products makes them a strong team who are determined to redefine the gifting experience for every individual. 

The idea of JucyCart came into being when the founders realized that gifting, especially online, is very cluttered. Moreover, gifting behaviour has changed dramatically in the last decade. Today, a gift is something that should be able to give complete satisfaction to the one who gifts and the giftee as well. However, the existing services, it seems, are yet to explore their full potential. JucyCart aims to change all that and do much more. 

What JucyCart Offers

- At JucyCart, you can find an exclusive range of exciting and enticing collection of personalized gift items to choose from and delight one and all. Personalization is the only way to turn your gifts from ordinary to extraordinary, and we do exactly that for you. Whether it is a birthday, wedding, anniversary, special occasion, festival or just for memories, you can find what you wish at our place with that extra personal touch. The signature gift items with special custom options will surely hit the right chord with your friends, parents, little ones, husband, wife, and other dear and near ones. All you need to do is Click, Create and Cart!

Why limit yourself to gifting unique items to others? Now you can use the special option at JucyCart to create and use products to develop your personal brand. Live a red carpet life like a celebrity or exude your professional personality with exclusive personalized products with your name, colour and other custom options that define you, your interests and your individual style. Some of the products available are picture frames, coffee mugs, bags, wallets, luggage tags, water bottles, pop grips and much more. Express Shipping and Gift Packing are available!

- Exciting opportunities await professional designers who are passionate about designing their own custom products. JucyCart opens the door for you to turn your design into real ideas and market your products on our platform, and we would manufacture and ship it anywhere. A win-win for you and us indeed!

-If you are someone who makes top-notch, creative and innovative personalized gifts, JucyCart would be happy to collaborate with you. We provide you with the best online platform to sell your unique products. Sell smartly with us!


Explore gifting possibilities today! Get in touch for more information.