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Personalized Gift Ideas to celebrate the Women Who Shape Our Lives

by JucyCart Ventures LLP on Feb 24, 2023

Personalized Gift Ideas to celebrate the Women Who Shape Our Lives

This 8th March 2023, celebrate women’s day by honouring their achievements and contribution to various areas through JucyCart’s personalised  gifts range. We’re sure that at some point in your life, there must be a woman who motivated and helped you get where you are in your life. This woman could’ve been your wife, your girlfriend, your sister, or even your grandma. Isn’t it important that you should give them the proper recognition that they deserve? If we don’t make them feel important today, when would we? 

JucyCart has a wide range of products from which you could easily select your choice of the desired product. Appreciate the efforts made by the women in your life through JucyCart’s personalised  range of products. Getting them personalised  will not only make them feel special but also help them remember it for a long amount of time. 

Through this blog, we’ve made a list of personalised  gifts for women’s day  that you need to take a look at:

  • A Gold-Plated Pen Stand

  • Personalized Golden Doctor Pen Stand | Personalised Womens Day Gift

    A personalised  gold-plated pen stand would be the perfect personalised  women’s day gift if you’re looking for a gift that’s professional yet sleek. Our stand is made up of stainless steel and comes with a stylish gold-plated finish that is simply perfect for gifting. Celebrate women’s day this year with our personalised  gifts for women’s day which can be easily personalised  by adding your name as well as your designation. This stand can easily get set up in your workspace and would definitely make all your patients take a double look. With an attractive price of just Rs. 799, you surely shouldn’t miss out on this deal.

  •  A Justice-themed Temperature Bottle

  • Personalized Temperature Bottle for Women's Day | Women Lawyers and Advocates

    Celebrate this year's women’s day by giving recognition for their efforts in fields like law and order through our personalised  women’s day gifts range. Use our temperature-portraying bottle made up of premium quality build which makes it a perfect personalised  women’s day gift. Easily see the temperature of your water and make it fit your desired temperature through our temperature bottles. Our sleeking-looking justice-enforcing bottle is a perfect gift for any woman in the law field because of its courtroom-friendly design. The premium advocate tag on our bottles makes them quite unique from the other cheap bottles widely available in today’s market. Our compact design makes it a perfect gift to fit in your bag. Our personalised  gifts for women’s day are quite affordable, even the above-temperature bottle comes at an unbelievable price tag of just Rs. 889.

  • A Chef-themed T-shirt

  • Personalized T-shirt for Chefs | Chefs Art Icon | Ideal Gift Women's Day

    We all have a woman in our life who likes to cook or does it as she feels responsible for the entire family. Whatever the case may be, our personalised  gifts for women’s day will make the women in your life feel appreciated for the amount of effort they regularly put in despite their hectic day. Gift her this customised gift that she can wear in her kitchen with a smile on her pretty face. We provide a wide range of clothing size options which ensures that you find your right fit. Gift her either a black or a white chef-themed one or maybe even both as it is available at an affordable price of just Rs.650 each. With a name customization option, this can be the perfect personalised  gift you were looking for this international women’s day. 

  • A Notebook set for Chartered Accountants

  • Personalized CA Art Notebook - Set of 2 | Women's Day Gifts

    We’ve designed special chartered accountant-themed notebooks with covers that come with a feature through which you can easily personalise the name on your cover. Everybody surely knows that cracking a CA entrance exam is no easy fleet and if a woman in your life has done it, why not make her feel special by celebrating her victory on this special day? Our set of premium range of notebooks comes in an attractive eye-catching design and is available at an attractive price of just Rs. 899. With dual name personalization available, you simply cannot go wrong with our customised gift range made especially for women’s day. As a CA woman who would be required to write down her daily task list, this can prove to be quite a meaningful purchase that you could make for the woman in your life.

  • A Mousepad showing their love for coding
  • Personalised Mousepad for Engineers - JAVA is my love language | Personalised Gifts for Womens Day

    This mousepad can be the perfect gift for your sister if she is someone from the field of coding. If she even has any basic knowledge of java or any other coding language, this can easily motivate her to do better. We’ve made this mousepad available at an unbelievable price of just Rs. 350 for the time being. With an attractive implementation of colours used in our mousepad, this is a steal deal! We’ve used premium quality material in our mousepad which ensures that it won’t easily get damaged in the long run. Our mousepad is not just durable but it can also get cleaned quite easily. With a personalization option available you need to take advantage of our mousepad as soon as you can.

    If you still aren’t satisfied with the above 5 ideas that we’ve provided you need to take a look at our website for sure. We even provide various personalised hampers to cater to your desired needs. Various surprising options through which you can scan your QR code are also available on our website. 

    Explore our website and see if there’s anything else you might like various other personalised gifts for women's day. We always have certain offers going on our website that you definitely need to check out. Apply these coupon codes and go on your personalization journey through JucyCart today!

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