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Make Her Heart Skip a Beat: Top Valentines Day Gifts for Her Under 800

by JucyCart Ventures LLP on Feb 12, 2023

Personalised Valentines Day Ideas Under 800

If you have a special someone in your life and are confused about what you could gift her, you’ve arrived at the right place as our blog will help you get a list of valentine’s day gifts that won’t just impress your other half but are also quite budget-friendly. 

While you may find several options on the internet you can’t be completely sure about their quality. With JucyCart we’re pretty sure that you won’t face this type of problem as all of our products come in premium build and design options. This Valentine’s day make your other half feel special by gifting her a personalized product from our wide categories of products available. Here are some gift suggestions under Rs.800 which you should definitely take a look at for this year’s valentine’s day celebration:

  • A floral pop socket

  • Custom Classic Monogram Initial Pop Grip | Floral Pop Socket

    Custom Classic Monogram Initial Pop Grip | Floral Pop Socket Gift For Her

    This valentine’s day instead of going for a floral bouquet how about a floral-themed premium pop socket that can easily get attached to your mobile? Make this pop socket personalized by adding an initial and a name text as well. We even provide customization options that will help you change the size of your text. Make your wife or girlfriend happy with the use of our personalized valentine’s day gifting range. Be able to see the personalization of your text in a clear way and make your pop socket purchase today!

  • A Premium-quality minimal clutch

  • A Premium-quality minimal clutch | Gifts for her

    Choose from a wide variety of colors available in our premium range of minimal-themed clutches. If your valentine likes to adopt a minimal approach, your valentine will surely love our wide variety of charms available. Engrave the name of your girl on the nameplate provided and form your personalized valentine’s gift today! This clutch can turn out to be the perfect accessory to complete your daytime and night-out look as well. With unique charms to choose from, choose a customized gift for your girlfriend wisely.

  • A Sleek-looking Makeup Pouch

  • Personalised Makeup Pouch Gifts for Her

    With a premium quality zipper used in your valentine’s day gift, you can stay rest assured about the quality of our products. Our makeup pouches are available in a wide variety of colors that you can easily match to your wife’s or girlfriend’s personality. Engrave the name of your valentine on this makeup pouch and make your valentine feel special in this season of love. The perfect size of our makeup pouch will enable you to put a wide range of makeup products like lipstick, compact, face toner and so much more. All this is made available at a minimal amount of just Rs. 650.

  • A Portrait engraved Sipper bottle

  • Our aluminum bottles are completely environmentally safe we’ve integrated those in our personalized valentine’s day gift edition. Choose an image that best represents your girl and avail the use of our fabulous graphic-printed sipper bottles. We even provide a customization option for your name through the use of our personalization-enabling tools. All of our bottles are completely ideal for any type of sports activity and come with a built-in hook that allows easy handling of your sipper bottle. With 100% high-grade aluminum you can stay completely assured about the quality of our product. 

  • A Multi-Purpose Leather Wallet

  • Personalised Multi-Purpose Leather Wallet

    This valentine’s day make your special someone experience the joy of gifting through the use of our multi-purpose women’s wallet. Store all your belongings in a single place through the use of our custom-made wallet which comes in multiple colors and charms. Make people stop and stare through the use of our custom-built wallet. From a sophisticated brown color to a friendly peach color, we provide a wide range of options that can be used in any type of situation. Put all your money and cards in a single place through the use of our multi-purpose women’s wallet. We’ve culminated a fusion of both functionality and aesthetics in our wallet that can easily be noticed through our company’s website link. 

  • A Cute Sipper Bottle
  • Personalised Sipper Bottle | Sipper Bottles With Name | Personalised Gifts for Her


    A cute sipper bottle like the above-shown model can turn out to be a perfect valentine’s day gift for your sweetheart. Make her feel valued this valentine’s season by getting our cute sipper which comes with a make-it-happen motivating text. Get your valentine’s name printed on our sipper bottle at a minimal cost of just Rs.600. While personalizing a bottle is usually quite expensive we always try to provide all our merchandise at an offer or discounted price. Our bottle comes in a size that can easily fit in your bag and is dishwasher safe as well.  With a built-in hook and an eye-catching design, you simply cannot go wrong with this choice.

  • A Unicorn-Embedded Tote Bag

  • Personalized Tote Bag with Sleepy Unicorn Art

    No matter how short or long your name is, through our advanced technology you’ll be able to envision exactly what your tote bag would look like. We’ve added a cute unicorn logo on our tote bag which makes it quite trendy and chic at the same time. Gift your girlfriend this cute personalized valentine’s gift and take her out on a shopping spree. This will surely impress her and make her feel happy in this romance-filled weather. We only use premium quality of materials for our tote bags which makes them last longer than the other inferior quality tote bags which are widely available in the market today. With a comfortable strap at your rescue, this can prove to be the best gift that you could ever invest in. 

  • An Adorable Drawstring Bag
  • Personalized DrawString Bag

    A cute artsy drawstring bag can turn out to be the perfect valentine’s day gift for your girlfriend which she can use in her college setting or for traveling as well. Keep all your things in a single place safely through the use of our personalized drawstring bag. Print your valentine’s name on our drawstring bag and make your this year’s valentine’s gift special through the use of personalized valentine’s gift services. A compact size ensures that you can easily carry this drawstring bag anywhere you desire. With comfortable straps and easy cleaning properties, the features in our drawstring bag are quite hard to find anywhere else.

    If the above-provided options are still not enough to help you decide on your valentine’s day gift, we highly suggest you go visit our website at where we have a wide range of products at your disposal. 

    The amalgamation of free shipping and several limited-time deals will surely enable you to make a meaningful purchase through JucyCart’s official website. 

    We also provide products that can be used in your everyday life and we’ve sorted them under different categories to make your navigation process as seamless as possible. 

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